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Can I send care packages to my child?

We allow campers to receive letters from friends and family during their stay with us. However, we recommend sending the camper prepared for their stay. If something was left behind, let us know at check-in and we will help our camper.

What type of training do the counselors receive?

Counselors' receive CPR training along with training in all of the activities we offer. We ensure they are equipped with safety protocols and guidance in first aid. We also have a nurse on staff!

Can children use their cellphones to call home while they’re at summer camp?

We do not allow campers to have cell phones as we aim to allow them to be fully immersed in their experiences at Camp Trotter. If there is a specified need for a camper to get in touch with a parent there is a phone that will be made available. It is recommended that parents take electronic devices on arrival to camp.

What will my child's schedule look like?

Visit "Day in the Life"  for a sample schedule!

What is your screening procedure for staff?

We use Michigan State Police ICHAT (Internet Criminal History Access Tool) to conduct background checks on all staff. Also, our administration (Camp Director and Assistant Director) gets fingerprinted and cleared by MSP. 


We are required to keep staff folders with all their information, including background checks, and they must have a minimum of three references before they can work for us. 

How do i know when/where to drop off my camper?

All of that information can be found on our "2023" page.

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